Negativity about Brazil in social networks abroad rises 82% during the pandemicDaoura

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Since the first case of coronavirus in Brazil, on February 26, the Sentiment Index of texts linked to Brazil published on social media and news from Hispanic countries suffered a drop of 51%, and the ratio of "negative" texts during the pandemic period leaped to 82% in connection to the time period immediately prior to the initial case confirmations, going from 34% to 62%.

The Daoura Insights platform shows that during the 3 months prior to the first confirmed cases in the country, the sentiment index in relation to Brazil in the networks was of 48 points, considered neutral (on a scale that ranges from 0-Very Negative to 100 - Very Positive), and the ratio of negative texts was 34%.

Meanwhile, it was in mid-March that this index passed, for the first time, to the negative spectrum of the scale, registering 39.82 points. Since then, the index has registered daily drops, reaching 20.56 points in the first 14 days of June. The ratio of negative statements in the country throughout the period was 62%.

Among the words linked to Brazil during this period, we can find “coronavirus cases”, “number of infected”, “coronavirus deaths, Rio de Janeiro”. Likewise, the name of the country's president, Jair Bolsonaro, also associated with the statements about Brazil, showed a drop in the Sentiment Index since the beginning of March, falling to 21 points on the Sentiment Scale in early June.

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