Hi, my name is DaouraDaoura

Today, we want to share with you a very important piece of news for our history: our name has changed.

In 2016, when it all started, we had the purpose, yet as a movement, of building an innovation ecosystem in Brazil focused on the development of technological solutions for the construction of smart cities, a subject at an early stage in the country at the time.

This movement gained the name of CityTech, like other sector groups, such as fintechs, edtechs, legaltechs. It was necessary to have a name that identified our purpose in a direct and objective way, to unite these entrepreneurial urban development initiatives around a common objective: revolutionizing cities.

A year later, we became a technology company to create innovative products and services and be an active part of this revolution. The name CityTech, already known, continued to introduce us to the world, and was associated with the name of our products, such as Urban Insights platform.

But behind all this technological evolution that we brought to the market, there was a name that was known only internally: Daoura. That is how our Artificial Intelligence, which generates all the urban insights that we now deliver to our customers, has been called since its creation.

Today, three years after the name Daoura was given to our platform, we decided to make it the official name of our company.

If you search on Google, the first result shows that Daoura is the name of a small rural community in Morocco. The real inspiration, however, comes from Lebanon, more specifically from a district located north of Beirut, the country's capital, called Al-Dawra (in Arabic الدورة).

This neighborhood is one of the busiest in the city and serves as an important connection between the north and the south of the country. There, the plurality of stories, opinions and people is the essence of the community, characteristics extremely connected with the purpose of our technology in understanding the experience and opinion of people in cities.

In addition to the new name, we also present the new logo, which incorporates Daoura into the digital wave, our already known icon, which brilliantly refers us to the wave of manifestations in the digital world building the cities of the present and future.

Starting today, Daoura will represent our mission for the whole world, and its meaning will be carried in each and every step we take in the construction of the future of cities.

This future, today, is one step closer to us.