National holidays in Chile - Urban insightsDaoura

The celebration

The national holidays in Chile are a moment of great positivity and celebration for Chilean people. On the Internet, citizens express that feeling with positive words and texts to celebrate the date, and words such as cueca, fondas, traditions and celebration are related to the topic.

But there’s not always a reason to celebrate

When the topics are analyzed by urban categories, the most frequent and relevant during that celebration period are urban management and security.

The topics categorized as urban management are positive in their majority and represent Chilean people’s satisfaction with the celebration. Nonetheless, among the most relevant topics categorized as security, animal abuse on rodeos was negatively mentioned during the National Holidays week, and had a strong correlation with the issue, especially during the date that precedes the beginning of the festivity (17/09).

The citizens complain about the mistreatment that animals suffer on rodeos, that traditionally occur at that time of the year, such as hunger, thirst, violence and torture.