Daoura Insights - The transformation for a smart cityDaoura

Smart cities, GovTechs, Artificial Intelligence, Participatory Management and Big Data are some of the big topics discussed by public managers around the world. These are generally attractive subjects because they carry with them potential evolutions of urban society never thought before.

In a context in which we are looking for more sustainable solutions for urban areas around the world, these themes are becoming increasingly attractive. However, initiatives that combine all these technologies in order to understand citizens' needs and support public administration decision-making to actually transform city life still lacks.

With that in mind, Daoura today launched the new version of Daoura Insights, the smart advisor for public management communication. The platform measures the government's image on the Internet, guides administration's communication strategy with its citizens, understands the real urban problems reported by people and makes the process of managing social networks simple and efficient.

We believe a city only begins its journey to becoming intelligent when it uses public opinion data in its decision-making process. And Daoura Insights was created precisely to transform this multitude of digital manifestations into powerful insights for urban management.

Do you want to take the first steps to make your city smarter? Do you believe the internet can be a rich field of opportunity for your city’s management?

Get to know Daoura Insights now (or recommend it to the mayor, secretary of communication and councilors of your city), and transform the reality of your city with cutting-edge technology!