Daoura 2018 RetrospectiveDaoura

2018 was a year of great events and changes for Brazil. The national news showed us the topics that were most debated and talked about throughout the year in the most diverse parts of the country.

But what were the issues most talked about by people on the Internet about cities, and how much did those issues impact their lives?

In search of an answer, Daoura today published the Daoura Retrospective 2018 with an infographic that gives us an insight on the most talked about issues on the Internet by Brazilian citizens, as they varied throughout the year, the most positive and the most negative, and the most relevant ones in 3 Brazilian cities (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador).

We also show a tag cloud related to one of the 5 highlighted topics in each of the cities, to understand what were people talking about when they mentioned the featured term.

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