Daoura Summary: cyclone, José Serra, masks, censorship, PL2630Nao and coronavirusDaoura

This post is part of the series Daoura Summary.

From today on, the Daoura Blog will publish a weekly summary, bringing the most relevant and significant topics found in the manifestations of Brazilians on the Internet and also in news published in the country, along with social media indicators for each topic on social networks, in addition to an analysis of the average sentiment of the texts that mention the prominent terms.

The cyclone that hit southern Brazil was the topic that registered the highest rate of interaction by manifestation during the week of June 29 to July 5, on social networks and Brazilian news. It was also the topic with the highest index of “likes” among top 6 topics highlighted by Daoura Insights platform.

The investigation that reached Senator José Serra was the second topic with the highest rate of interactions and what registered the highest rate of shares per post within the analyzed topics.

The word “censorship” ranked fourth in the interaction index last week, and registered the most negative sentiment index within the analyzed topics, followed by the hashtag “PL2630Nao”, with which presented a very strong correlation.

At last, “coronavirus” remains on the list of the most relevant terms reported by the platform in Brazil’s manifestations, despite having registered a 38% drop in the total number of mentions and interactions on social networks in relation to the previous week (from 06/22 to 06/28).

  • 28.74 interactions/manifestation
  • 23.94 likes/manifestation
  • 4.22 shares/manifestation
  • 0.56 comments/manifestation
  • Average sentiment index: 29.29 (negative)
José Serra
  • 27.08 interactions/manifestation
  • 20.75 likes/manifestation
  • 5.88 shares/manifestation
  • 0.44 comments/manifestation
  • Average sentiment index: 28.46 (negative)
  • 19 interactions/manifestation
  • 16.65 likes/manifestation
  • 2.13 shares/manifestation
  • 0.38 comments/manifestation
  • Average sentiment index: 26.37 (negative)
  • 15 interactions/manifestation
  • 11.74 likes/manifestation
  • 3.24 shares/manifestation
  • 0.01 comments/manifestation
  • Average sentiment index: 11 (negative)
  • 12.60 interactions/manifestation
  • 8.89 likes/manifestation
  • 3.70 shares/manifestation
  • 0 comments/manifestation
  • Average sentiment index: 39.25 (negative)
  • 8.26 interactions/manifestation
  • 9 likes/manifestation
  • 1.45 shares/manifestation
  • 0.16 comments/manifestation
  • Average sentiment index: 30.56 (negative)

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