“Violence” topic preoccupies chileans once again on the InternetDaoura

Daoura Insights platform observed a relevant raise in the frequency of the word “violence” in Chilean’s manifestations during the last 5 days, as observed in October/2019, over the course of the social outbreak.

It could also be observed, based on the analysis of social issues predictions made by Daoura Insights, a growth trend of the topic on social media and the internet for the next few days.

Finally, it was observed that the topic “violence” was strongly correlated with the growth of the “#yorechazo” (#Ireject) movement, indicating that the increase of violence in Chile’s protests could lead people to choose to reject the movement for the country’s new constitution.

The National Plebiscite 2020 is scheduled for April 26, 2020, when Chilean citizens will determine if they agree or not with the start of a new constitutional process in the country.