Daoura Citizens: the evolution of citizen participation on the InternetDaoura

We know that it is not at all easy to make your voice heard when there are many voices echoing, specially in the digital world.

There are millions of manifestations on urban and social issues published in all corners of the Internet, prioritized and filtered by the famous “algorithms” of social media, and making your opinion, perception and ideas about your city become real is almost unthinkable when your profile doesn’t have thousands of followers.

You want to participate and express your opinion about an urban or social problem that bothers you, but you are discouraged for several reasons.

The first of them is that all these manifestations are spread over the Internet, are difficult for people to access or even difficult to understand, given the huge amount of texts published all the time, which makes your own text a drop in the ocean.

In addition, there is little engagement in matters of local interest, and even less concrete actions in the real world. The city hall even tries to hold public hearings, but they take place at times impossible to participate, away from people, full of protocols and bureaucracy.

Then, when city halls offer an application for managing urban demands, they barely work, they are bureaucratic as in the analogical world of papers and bureaucracy, and the solution to a problem reported by citizens is hardly given. This current model of citizen participation no longer works.

It is exactly in this context that we want to introduce you to Daoura Citizens, which brings an innovative experience of citizen participation in digital debates, by using the power of artificial intelligence to generate insights from citizens' manifestations in various Internet sources, and offering free tools so that they can participate in these conversations about the neighborhood or city where they live, or about a topic of common interest to their neighbors.

With Daoura Citizens, in addition to quick access to manifestations about a city, neighborhood or theme, it is also possible to see a numerical summary with a city thermometer, people's sentiments, what they are talking about and where!

All this to allow citizens to have an open knowledge about the experiences and opinions of people who live around them, and to use the tool as a digital space to send new manifestations and enhance ideas with which they agree, generating even more insights and engagement.

And after this? Digital manifestations, without concrete actions in the real world, do not serve much purpose, right? Wrong.

When organizing, qualifying and facilitating the digital debate on a city or on a topic, with the support of advanced technologies, such as Daoura, both citizens and other urban actors (governments and companies) are allowed to understand effectively what is priority, how a problem affects city dwellers and how to solve problems in the real world. And Daoura Citizens does just that.

In a technologically transformed world such as ours, we cannot accept that important activities, such as participation, debates and conversations between citizens, are still being carried out as in the last century.

Daoura Citizens came to transform all that.

Access, explore and participate: citizens.daoura.ai