Potentialize voices to transform decisionsDaoura

With Daoura, organizations, private or public, potentialize social and urban voices of the digital world and transform their decisions.

Society, in any corner of the world, is made up of people. Each one, throughout their life and social interactions, acts in different and complementary ways so that the idea of society is effectively accomplished. They are people who occupy different spaces in private, governmental, non-governmental organizations, in their homes and communities. And their decisions, personal and institutional, mainly, have an effect on social dynamics, to a greater or lesser extent.

Potentialized by digital public spaces, this society organizes itself even faster, in an almost instantaneous way, its perceptions, positive or negative, about what is happening. And it does so because it expects to be heard, as a social group, by the people who make decisions. Digital public spaces are the new street, or its maximum power, even more in times of pandemic.

From a bank to an electricity distributor; from a hospital to a car manufacturer, everyone has decisions that impact society at different scales and contexts. Therefore, there is no longer any space for organizations, private or public, to ignore social and urban voices in their decisions.

That's why we chose the phrase “Potentialize voices to transform decisions” as our new positioning slogan for Daoura. The phrase represents the essence of Daoura's existence as a technological platform for artificial intelligence that interprets and analyzes human manifestations to provide to decision makers crucial information so that their actions are transformed and, consequently, transform those impacted by them.

We rethink the concept of social listening by expanding the idea that social listening is not restricted only to brands monitoring on social networks, but all the impacts they can bring to society, represented there, and also how the digital society itself can transform the positioning and decisions of companies and governments.

Only this way, with a dynamic, strong and present relationship, organizations will be able to make decisions and act in a way that is more connected with what the society in which they operate expects. After all, it is by and for the people that this same society is made and formed. For this reason the so latent need to potentialize these voices.

Learn more about how Daoura potentialize voices and transforms decisions through technology! www.daoura.ai